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245 0 0 _aPsychology and spiritual formation in dialogue :
_bmoral and spiritual change in Christian perspective /
_cedited by Thomas M. Crisp, Steven L. Porter, and Gregg A. Ten Elshof.
264 1 _aDowners Grove, Illinois :
_bIVP Academic, An Imprint of InterVarsity Press,
300 _a275 pages ;
_c23 cm.
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490 0 _aChristian Association for Psychological Studies books
504 _aIncludes bibliographical references.
505 0 _aSpiritual theology: when psychology and theology in the Spirit service faith -- Is "spiritual formation" more cultural than theo-anthropolocial?: an ongoing dialogue -- "End of faith as its beginning": a Christ-centered developmental spirituality -- Living "before God": a Kierkegaardian view of human spirituality -- Beyond resilience, posttraumatic growth, and self-care: a biblical perspective on suffering and Christian spiritual formation -- Seeking the tropological import of Psalm 34 -- On specks and planks: psychotheraphy, spiritual formation, and moral judgment -- Queen of the virtues and King of the vices: graced gratitude and disgraced ingratitude -- Relational spirituality, differentiataion, and mature alterity -- Cultivating the fruit of the Spirit: contributions of positive psychology to spiritual formation -- Born to relate: in trauma, in transformation, in transcendence -- Give up childish ways or receive the kingdom like a child?: Spiritual formation from a developmental perspective.
520 _aCan the phenomena of the human mind be separated from the practices of spiritual formation—of growing to have the mind of Christ? Research into the nature of moral and spiritual change has revived in recent years, in the worlds of psychology on the one hand and theology and philosophy on the other. But psychology and spiritual formation draw upon distinct bodies of research and theory grounded in different methodologies, resulting in conversation that has suffered from a lack of interdisciplinary cross-pollination. Rooted in a year-long discussion held by Biola University's Center for Christian Thought (CCT), this volume bridges the gaps caused by professional specialization among psychology, theology, and philosophy. Each essay was forged out of an integrative discussion among theologians, psychologists, philosophers, New Testament scholars, educators, and pastors around the CCT seminar table. Topics that emerged included relational and developmental spirituality, moral virtue and judgment, and suffering and trauma. Psychology and Spiritual Formation in Dialogue speaks across disciplinary divides, fostering fruitful conversation for fresh insights into the nature and dynamics of personal spiritual change. - From publisher's description.
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650 0 _aPsychology, Religious.
650 0 _aSpiritual formation.
650 0 _aChange (Psychology)
_xReligious aspects
650 0 _aFaith development.
650 0 _aMoral development.
700 1 _aCrisp, Thomas M.,
776 0 8 _iOnline version:
_tPsychology and spiritual formation in dialogue
_dWestmont : InterVarsity Press, 2018
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