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Catholic spirit : by Schwenk, James L., Charles Wesley : Charles Wesley and the struggle for Methodist identity / by Lloyd, Gareth, Come! come! everybody worship! : by Tanner, Carolyn K. Companion to the Africana worship book / Daily Christian advocate. Daniel Alexander Payne : by Strobert, Nelson T. Defrocked : by Schaefer, Franklyn. Doctrinal standards in the Wesleyan tradition / by Oden, Thomas C. Doctrinal standards of Methodism, including the Methodist Episcopal churches / by Neely, Thomas B. Doctrine in experience : by Richey, Russell E. Early Methodist spirituality : Faithful witnesses : by Nuessle, John Edward. Focus : by Weems, Lovett H. Formation for ministry in American Methodism : by Richey, Russell E. Forward Be Our Watchword : Freedom's prophet : by Newman, Richard S. From Aldersgate to Azusa Street : Generation rising : Grace and holiness in a changing world : Handbook for multi-sensory worship / by Miller, Kim, Help us help each other : by Wesley, Charles, Historical atlas of the Methodist movement / by Daniel, William Harrison. Historical dictionary of Methodism / Hymns for the Revised Common Lectionary : by McIntyre, Dean B. Just us or justice? : by Powe, F. Douglas. Key United Methodist beliefs / by Abraham, William J. Living our beliefs : by Carder, Kenneth L., Mainline or Methodist : by Kisker, Scott Thomas, Making disciples in a world parish : Men of one book : by Maddock, Ian J. Methodism and history : Methodism in recovery : by Lawrence, William B. Methodist and Pietist : Methodist doctrine : by Campbell, Ted. Naked faith : by Heath, Elaine A., Native American Methodists : by Lenhart, Thomas E. 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The United Methodist hymnal : The unofficial United Methodist handbook / The unofficial United Methodist handbook for pastors / There's power in the connection : by Goodpaster, Larry M., They went out not knowing-- : This we believe : by Willimon, William H. This we believe : by Armistead, M. Kathryn, Three simple rules : by Job, Rueben P. Timetables of history : by Matthews, Rex Dale. To serve the present age : by McCleary, Paul F. United Methodism at forty : by Yrigoyen, Charles, United Methodist beliefs : by Willimon, William H. Vital : by Acevedo, Jorge. Vital signs : by Dick, Dan R. Wesley, Aquinas, and Christian perfection : by Colón-Emeric, Edgardo Antonio, Wesley, Wesleyans, and reading Bible as Scripture / Wesleyan beliefs : by Campbell, Ted. Women in the Wesleyan and United Methodist traditions : by Eltscher, Susan M. Worshiping with United Methodists : by Hickman, Hoyt L.