Name Dept. Course # Section Term Instructors Notes
Church History Church History CH100W (H) Term 2
Zachman, Randall
Religious Education Educational Ministries RE100W (H) Term 2
Proffitt, Anabel
Church & Social Change Integrative Studies IS210 Term 2
Juarez-Loayza, Noe
Jurman, Dan
Christianity and the Arts Integrative Studies IS220 & IS220W (H) Term 2
O'Brien, Julia
Developing Leaders Integrative Studies IS230W (H) Term 2
Wilson, Michael
Baber, Melvin R.
Living Christian Movements 2 Integrative Studies IS250/TH222 & IS250W/TH222W (H) Term 2
Barrett, Lee
Interpreting in Context Integrative Studies IS270 & IS270W (H) Term 2
Carey, Greg
Knowing God Integrative Studies IS280 & IS280W (H) Term 2
Barrett, Lee
Ministerial Formation: Deepening a Life of Faith Ministerial Studies MS200 & MS200W (H) Term 2
Bufano, Nicholas
Baber, Melvin R.
Formation Ministerial Studies MS300 & MS300W (H) Term 2
Hertzog, Sara A.
Baber, Melvin R.
Cross Cultural Ministerial Studies MS400 Term 2
New Testament New Testament NT100 & NT100W (H) Term 2
Carey, Greg
Ministerial Ethics Pastoral Leadership PL100W (H) Term 2
Stephens, Darryl

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